Providing designs that can actually be produced from a structural standpoint, Boksa Marine Design will work with the shipyard to ensure your yacht is built exactly to our specifications with a proven hull design built and balancing speed, performance and fuel economy.

Yacht crew, captains and engineers enjoy the stoutness of a BMD megayacht, which is designed with the knowledge of what it is actually like to work in an engine room at sea. Machinery and spaces are user friendly and accessible, not cramped and crowded. We’ll capture the essence of your dream boat with exterior styling that presses your buttons, but your yacht’s engine room is our wheelhouse.


Top superyacht builders choose Boksa Marine Design to create their fleet and new launches with the toughness of a small ship, a noteworthy attribute as superyachts grow increasingly larger and for yacht owners, brokers and project managers seeking a naval architecture firm that have experience with commercial grade systems and requirements for yachts exceeding 60 meters. 

Burger, Christensen, Newcastle, Custom Steel Boats, Derecktors, Palmer Johnson, Trinity, Lazzara and Phoenix Yachts contracted with BMD for new build designs, exterior styling and a full spectrum of marine engineering services on 30 new build megayachts over the last 15 years.


Customize your megayacht with the exterior styling that most appeals to you on BMD’s proven hull design. Or a whole new concept for your dream boat quoted at a variety of domestic and international shipyards. Modular, modern interior design concepts by Alfred Karram, Jr. designed to the highest quality.


Classification Surveys

Turn to Boksa for classification compliance in commercial marine or yachting, for all types of vessels, ships, yachts, towboats and barges. Boksa Marine Design contributed to Phoenix Yachts’ engineering team, bringing systems for the first superyacht built in South Korean to ABS A1 standards, achieving ABS approval. The systems were designed by KOMAC (Korea Maritime Consultants) and BMD brought the systems into compliance with ABS rules in addition to the machinery arrangement for GHI Shipyard.