Boksa Marine Design provides engineering for boats, ships, yachts, barges, ferries, towboats, oil rigs and any other marine vessel or structure, as well as oceanographic engineering or ocean engineering. We apply engineering sciences, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and computer science, to the development, design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems and oceanographic technology. This includes machinery, piping, automation and control systems for marine vehicles of any kind, including surface ships and submarines.

Our goal is to provide efficient solutions for every stage of the project lifecycle, from establishing the vessel mission to design development and engineering to overseeing the final build. We can manage the entire marine design process for you or we can assist with specific design services.

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Mechanical Systems Design

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Structural Engineering

  • Outfitting Design

  • Detailed Shop Drawings

  • 3D Modeling

  • Ballast Water Management Services